Scheduel of Events

After School Pokemon workshop for kids every Friday!

When children learn Pokémon, they are also learning how to read, do math, and problem solve. Our Magic for kids program was so popular (we now get an average of 20 kids every Sunday) we decided to do one for Pokémon! We have a dedicated mom who runs the event and would love to teach other kids how to play.

Pokemon at Dueling Grounds
Always find the newest Pokemon Booster Packs, Decks and Tins! Ask to see our binder full of hundreds of single cards for sale.

Recommended Links:

Pokemon demo
Learn to play with these easy-to-follow online instructions. (You may need to install Flash from the Macromedia site in order for it to work.)
The official Pokemon site filled with tons of information!
A popular forum site to discuss Pokemon with other players!





Weekly Events:

Pokémon for Kids (12 yrs and younger)
Every Friday from 3:30pm to 5:30pm we run an after school Pokémon workshop for kids. Participants will meet other players their age and learn everything there is to know about playing and collecting the Pokémon collectible card game. Entry is $5. FREE for parents or guardians to sit in and learn too!


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